SprinklerView is installed at the fire sprinkler pump room with sensors, transmitters etc, on the chosen items / areas to monitor. The SprinklerView IOT box is IP66 classified and all components used are CE and FCC certified and is always on with our cloud solution, that secure notifications 24/7 to your mobile devices or desktop – whereever you are.

Every installation of SprinklerView should be done by your existing Authorized Sprinkler Service partner or another expert fire
protection technicians Sprinkler View can of course assist in finding one if no current partner is available.

Ease of installation

Your authorized sprinkler service partner will know exactly how to install SprinklerView on your sprinkler facilities and customize your SprinklerView solution, if needed, to fit exactly your need and create optimize alarm notifications.


SprinklerView technologies can be tailored to meet your monitoring needs no matter size or number of installations, sprinkler pumps or extra electricity power stations etc. Or if you have your own water reservoir, no problem.

SprinklerView is easily installed and serviced by your existing fire sprinkler supplier.