Features of SprinklerView

SprinklerView connect devices and is a IOT based fire sprinkler monitoring solution designed to give 24/7 real-time monitoring over fire sprinkler pump rooms. From one sprinkler facility to thousands, SprinklerView has the real-time alarm notifications solution for outages and unexpected incidents that happen in the fire sprinkler pump room and can include any control board.

SprinklerView elevates your fire monitoring capabilities through an array of easy-to-use features. Facilities equipped with SprinklerView have a proactive advantage in fire protection installation, maintenance and monitoring all thanks to revolutionary IoT connectivity.

Admin/ Management

24/7/365 Admin System Overview with 48 Hours Back-up Battery

Secure real-time digital remote fire sprinkler system monitoring and get alarm notifications if any unexpected happens. Build-in 48 hours back-up batttery.

One Installation or
Fleet Management

Manage a single facility or hundreds under the fleet management feature. SprinklerView is your partner in regional, national and international fire safety excellence.

Create Individual Installations

Review real-time data and receive notifications and alarms from specified points of the facility’s fire sprinkler plans via personalized channels on a desktop computer or mobile device. Anytime, anywhere.

Right Persons to Right Job

Designate specific areas and facilities to specific individuals so the right people get the right notifications at the right time.

Easy Alarm Setup

Assign alarm channels and customize individual alarms to notify specific personnel via text message, email, app notification, or all.

Secure Remote Viewing of Vital Parts

View highly accurate, real-time data of fire sprinkler system parameters and activity through an intuitive overview with the push of a button.

History Log Documentation

Real-time data archiving of alarm notifications, time and location, response measures/personnel and event history for accessible and actionable diagnostics, 24/7.

Digital Archive for Use on Any Device – Anywhere

Upload building drawings, safety and emergency escape plans, fire sprinkler testing, maintenance reports, inspection reports and more for integrated review from any device at any time

Alarm notifications & Logs

Water System Pressure, Flow Performance and Control Panel Alerts

Receive detailed sensor readings on command and in response to scheduled preset parameters with alarm notifications and timestamps of changes and incidents.

Know Exactly What Happens in the Event of a Fire

Real-time data on sprinkler room and system activity lets viewers identify the water flow in case of a fire

Monitor Sprinkler Pump Performance and Maintenance Rqd.

Receive real-time notifications on sprinkler pump startups and performance in order to designate proper emergency response or maintenance service instructions.

Internet and Electricity Outage Alarms

Receive real-time notifications in response to power or internet outages that last longer than one minute. And get notofications when it’s back

Alarm On All Necessary Vital Parts

Secure and overview all your fire sprinkler pump rooms with SprinklerView on your chosen vital elements 

Real-Time Communication Management

Real-time data logs of fire sprinkler testing and fire sprinkler maintenance services are integrated within the event history for a comprehensive overview of system health.

Integrated Service and Maintenance Logs

Log with time/data for any service/test mode and made by whom on each sprinkler facility. Review all alar, and event history when needed.

Integrated System Access Logs

All system logins and logouts from mobile devices, desktop computers and facility control panels are digitally archived within SprinklerView’s cloud-based network. 

User App

Full Monitoring on All Sprinkler Pump Rooms

Individual users assigned to one or several sprinkler pump rooms have access to a remote monitoring platform where sensor activity and value changes are updated in real-time. 

Priority Alarm Notifications

Assigned personnel receive priority alerts caused by outages and incidents for immediate response and command assistance.

Digital Test/Inspection Report

Automatically log all test, inspection, service data reports and notes into SprinklerView digital archive from any authorized mobile device or desktop computer. 

Remote Access to Event History & Data Archives

Users have instant access to comprehensive event histories, sprinkler tests, sprinkler plans, maintenance reports, notes, images and more, on site or remotely. Anytime anywhere.

Remote Upload of Escape Plans, Images and more

Upload documentation, pictures and more to secure better visual of incidents or needed prompt maintenance on the spot.

Real-Time Comminication and Networking

If needed, make a note or a comment on an Incident, an alarm or just in general to inform your colleagues or building managers

Customized Statiscical Value Averages

Detect issue indicators in advance of any incident through user-configured value averages and multipoint fire pump performance monitoring statistics, remotely or on-site.

Personalized Access and Security

User facial recognition and password input for fast and secure system access from any authorized device.