SprinklerView is

Intelligent 24/7 real-time
remote monitoring of your
fire sprinkler system

No matter where the sprinkler facility is located or the number of installations…we got you covered. Get instantly notification if any outage or unexpected incident happen, wherever and whenever you need it.

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React faster


Easy install

Get peace of mind with 24/7 overview anywhere – anytime

Follow your system and get Alarm notifications if anything unexpected happens, fx if water system pressure is changing, sprinkler pump starts unexpected, lack of electricity power, water on the floor etc. Take the guesswork and the unexpected out of your system. Each alarm notification gives you a precise message about the incident, so you quickly can react accordingly.  SprinklerView are also connected directly to the fire alarm control panel.
The alarm and monitor list could be endless and with SprinklerView you get monitoring and fleet management.

All-in one overview & documentation

Digitale maintenance reports, inspection test, logs and history with document archive

Collect all the inspections, tests reports and legal mandatory documents in the SprinklerView digitale archive. Real-time saving of all logs, tests and data. We log the SprinklerView data activities in the document archive and you can export them at any time. Digitale maintenance reports are build-in or upload your own hard copy.

24/7 sprinkler pump room overview at your fingertips

 When having SprinklerView installed on your fire sprinkler system, there is a direct link between you, your colleagues and all of the sprinkler systems you monitor and giving you option to make decisions remotely.

By using IOT intelligence we created a necessary real-time overview of all your fire sprinkler pump room facilities. Our
always-on remote logic with access to your sprinkler system’s data puts you easily in charge from anywhere. Monitor your systems health and get alarm notifications like fx the water system pressure changes, sprinkler pump starts on a weekend, if the electricity is missing, a locked door is open or other incidents during the holiday. 

Avoid unnecessary cost on unwanted alarms and react faster

SprinklerView gives you 24/7 direct monitoring  of the health of your fire sprinkler pump room, so you are able to react instantly to unexpected incidents and save money on unnecessary costs on fx false alarms. Our intelligent notification solution will notify you and your colleagues with alarm notifications about what kind of change has happened so the right assistance for the right job is made.

Tap into the many benifits of the SprinklerView world 

Our 24/7 monitoring system will let you know of any changes and potential trouble so you can act and fix it before it becomes a problem. SprinklerView can be expanded to fit your need for overview. Alarm notifications to email, mobile devices is mandatory.
With SprinklerView you get a full digital document archive for all your fire sprinkler system documents, such as test reports, inspections and maintenance reports, escape plans, floor plans, pipe sprinkler technical structure and overview etc.
Further, upload pictures easily, create notes and much more. SprinklerView is the monitoring solution to your fire sprinkler system… 24/7/365.

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