SprinklerView is

Intelligent 24/7 real-time
remote fire sprinkler monitoring 

Increase security on any existing fire sprinkler system with Cloud based SprinklerView. Get real-time insights and secure that vital parts works when they should. Prevent unforeseeable emergency repairs. Get instantly detailed alarms if anything unexpected happens – anywhere on any device.

We are at the moment testing AI monitoring and analyzing.


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IoT Smart System

Fully Customizable

Easy installation

Get peace of mind with 24/7 overview anywhere – anytime

Take the guesswork out of your system. Each alarm notification gives you a precise information about the incident with timestamp and a direct link to the exact installation on your mobile device, so you quickly can react accordingly.

We can get high accuracy information from any control panel you want and multipoint sensors installed at your fire sprinkler system permit real-time diagnostics of e.g. water system pressure, temperature, leaks, electrical outages, pump starts etc. SprinklerView is smart connected to your fire sprinkler system.

The alarm and monitor list could be endless and with SprinklerView you also get fleet management.

Full Overview of Real-Time and Historicall data

Digitale maintenance reports, inspection test, logs and history with document archive

Streamline your fire sprinkler system inspection and maintenance with digital integrated system reports, inspection tests, logs, event histories and legal documents right through SprinklerView’s digital archives. All data is logged in real-time for immediate access and export to external systems, with customizable built-in digital maintenance reports and optional upload via hard copy.

24/7 sprinkler pump room overview at your fingertips

When having SprinklerView installed on your fire sprinkler system, there is a direct link between you, your colleagues and all of the fire sprinkler systems you monitor and giving you option to make react remotely.

By using IOT intelligence we created a necessary real-time overview of all your fire sprinkler pump room facilities. Our always-on remote logic with access to your fire sprinkler system’s data puts you easily in charge from anywhere. Monitor your systems health and get alarm notifications like fx the water system pressure changes, sprinkler pump starts on a weekend, if the electricity is missing, a locked door is open or other incidents during the holiday.

Save Costs on Business Disruption, System Maintenance and false Alarms

SprinklerView boosts the lifespan of your fire sprinkler system by helping you identify equipment issues before they lead to broader breakdowns and repairs. This in turn can prevent costly business disruptions and extensive system maintenance resulting from malfunctioning and damaged components. And with 24/7 direct fire sprinkler monitoring and notifications, users are updated in real-time on the precise location and nature of incidents, allowing them to diagnose the issue, detect false alarms, and prevent an unnecessary dispatch of emergency resources.

Tap into the future of secure remote monitoring…which can include remote tests

 Through advanced IoT technologi and connections, SprinklerView does more than unify automatic fire suppression functions and components on a digital plane. Our 24/7 fire spinkler monitoring system will let you know of any changes and potential trouble so you can act and fix it before it becomes a problem.

Together, SprinklerView allow for a single control hub that’s accessible right through desktop or a mobile device, where you can receive notifications via application, SMS or email, upload images, notes and analyses for review by colleagues, and archive all of your fire sprinkler system plans and documents in one place, anywhere, anytime.

SprinklerView is the monitoring solution to your fire sprinkler system… 24/7/365.

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