How it works – The SprinklerView magic

A consistent monitoring solution

SprinklerView provides accurate and responsive readings in real-time using state-of-the-art IoT technology. Connected as a network, the sensors and transmitters not only relay valuable readings from pinpoint locations, but also create an informational framework that can be used towards fire sprinkler inspection requirements, assist in fire sprinkler maintenance and even help reduce insurance company premiums.

Connects to your excisting fire sprinkler system

 SprinklerView is designed for seamless integration with your existing fire sprinkler system and pump room and has the power to link numerous facilities simultaneously through an easy-to-use fleet management overview. Once integrated with SprinklerView, your fire sprinkler and fire alarm security systems become part of a unified network that can be accessed and monitored in real-time, anywhere in the world, 24/7.

A single solution for full 24/7 monitoring of your fire sprinkler pump room facilities

Installed by professional fire safety technicians  on site, SprinklerView aligns with your unique fire sprinkler pump and system part specifications. 

Control features can be customized to individual users and sectors, with priority notifications and alarms assigned to their respective managers and personnel. And with fleet management overview applied to numerous facilities, SprinklerView offers vertical management of all fire sprinkler system services regardless of number or location.